FRIEDELIND’S WAHNFRIED, a new music theater

Music by Mario Stork
Book and texts by Dirk Schattner


Friedelind was the most rebellious grandchild of the rebellious composer Richard Wagner. In 1939, after a long and complicated process of fighting and estrangement from her mother Winifred, she turned, as the only one of her family, her back on Nazi-Germany and on her family and emigrated to Great Britain, Argentina and finally to New York.

Based on her biography German composer Mario Stork and I are developing the new music FRIEDELIND’S WAHNFRIED. A staged reading of this new work will be shown on Friedelinds 25th death anniversary on May 8th 2016.  

Video from the first reading in Richard Wagner Museum, Bayreuth, on Friedelinds 25th death anniversary, May 8th 2016
Michaela Schober, Mario Stork, Sound of Music Chor
Special thanks to bs-films