GREEN LINE – Monologue in the city of New York

a new text premiered in Manhattan, New York in the fall of 2016
Part of __ 
Project SkyCradle / Cities / Lost and Found

Text – Dirk Schattner
Voice – Kathryn Wieckhorst


there is a wish on the bottom of every story

and sometimes it takes total obsession of us

we can’t escape

sometimes it is concentraiting into a face

into a body

into a living being

into a young woman

with terribly beautiful eyes

in a body like a flame in slow motion

delicate hair on the silk of her arms


her name is Mina

and she takes us now with her

into a vortex of words, that are her life

is this the truth?

has this really ever happened?

This story of her life

Or is this something that will come on us if we are not careful?

Is there a chance to escape?

From this girl?

From her story?

It became too much of our story already   

we are right in the middle

as long as we are listening to Mina

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