Manifestum Sky Cradle


In our world, in which irrationalism, believing, fear and conviction are occupied and misused by the powerful in politics and religion (and only for their selfish goals), the role of the arts is more important than ever.

We, as artists, take on the task to claim the power of the irrational back to where it belongs: in the kingdom of dreams and beauty, free from worldly burdens.

We humans are surrounded by the night of all unknown. It is us, and our fantasy, that decides what is in the insight of this night; if it is allowed to give us hope, and if it is allowed to frighten us.

No one else will answer these questions for us, as long as we don’t decide to transfer this task – and the freedom these decisions contain – onto others: religious or political systems.

We decide that this unknown around us contains love, warmth and never-ending hope. We look into the sky and know that we are guided and sheltered. We know that we have no evidence for this hope. We don’t need it. It is our decision.

We believe, that the power to change the world and the way we are inside of her, can only come from its borderlines, not from its red glowing center. The borderlines are the night. The night belongs to us, the artists.

We are not afraid to use all techniques of overcoming: dissolution, sparkling beauty, dreams of violence and fierce naïveté of emotions to show what is important for us to show. We show and create life in all possibilities – this can be dangerous, it can be painful. We face this danger with all our might and braveness. And in singing, acting, playing, and shining our light we show and follow the ones that are brave and strong enough to live at the limits of our world – and beyond.


sky cradle


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