Project NEW YORK

Project NEW YORK is the title of a series of texts and performances written under the impression of Dirk Schattner’s presence in New York City in the years 2014 and 2015, inspired by the city and its people.

The works, Project NEW YORK consists of, have  the perspective of an OUTSIDE . They show us NYC and the world not, as it is, not, as it might become, but as it might appear in the moment when we twinkle and fade out the world we know for an evanescent and vanishing moment in time.

Project NEW YORK consists of
GREEN LINE – a theater history inspired by the 40th anniversary of the civil war in Lebanon.
DAWN OF HUMANITY –  multi-media performance with Richard Wagner and Alexander Kluge
THE JOURNEY HOME – video-oratorio with Marc Chagall

Hiroshima Marks 64th Anniversary of World's First Atomic Bomb


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